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Gregg Wagener, M.S., P.E.


Updated 11 Feb 2007
I wrote as an instructor manual for how to teach a review course for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination. The FE examination is required to get an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) certificate which is required to get an engineering license. That's what the P.E. is in my name, Professional Engineer. The book was published in  2001. The publisher is Professional Publications Inc. .
I revised the electrical engineering chapters for the FE Review Manual, Second Edition published 2006. The publisher is Professional Publications Inc. .
I have edited several projects for Professional Publications Inc., mostly pertaining to electrical engineering. The most significant project is editing a new edition of the Electrical Engineering Reference Manual. This book is the most popular publication for preparation for the electrical Principles and Practice of Engineering examination which is required for an electrical engineering Professional Engineer (PE) license. The PE examination is a great deal more difficult and in greater depth than the FE examination. The book covers most areas in electrical engineering in some detail. It is a good general reference book for electrical engineering. I had to edit subjects I never had in school, so I had to do considerable studying to do the job.

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