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Gregg Wagener, M.S., P.E.


After I received my Professional Engineer license in electrical engineering from the state of California I was browsing through the help wanted ads in the Los Angeles Times just out of curiosity. You see, I got my degree in Physics and I worked for the federal government (which doesn't consider state licenses much in hiring), so I didn't know what a PE license was worth in the real world. I happened on an ad for a teaching position to teach a review course for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination. The FE examination is required to get an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) certificate which is required to get an engineering license. The course was to be taught on Saturdays and they wanted a PE to do the teaching. I applied and got the job in Nov 93 and the class started in Feb 94. I was to teach three Saturdays and another instructor was to teach four Saturdays. I guess the other instructor figured out just how hard that job was, because he quit in Dec. So I taught the whole course. I somehow managed to survive working 12 hour days for several weeks to prepare the course and do my regular job. I continued to teach the course 5 more times (the FE examination is given twice a year) and taught part of a course for the Principles of Practice (PP) examination in electrical engineering. The PP examination is required to get an engineering license. Unfortunately, the course was discontinued because the organization I worked for had difficulty getting enough students (they are located up in the San Francisco Bay area). Also, I was busy getting a master's degree.

After I finished my master's in EE, the same organization hired me to teach a review course for the electrical engineering PE exam in Glendale, California and later moved the site to Burbank.
To find out more about the course, visit Professional Engineering Institute at

I act as an advisor for an Internet bulletin board for the electrical engineering PE exam and part of the FE exam (the electrical engineering weeks). Participants pay a fee to be able to post questions to the bulletin board which I answer. The bulletin boards are operated by Professional Publications which also publishes the text book used.

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